Welcome to Kifahari Enterprises: Your Best, Last Source of Hair Extensions for African Hair Braiding

Beautiful girl smiling while looking down, with gorgeous, long box braids styled into a neat bun

Your hair is a crucial element of your creative expression and personal style, and lets be honest, your daily get-ready routine is incomplete without a hair segment. Flawless brand you certainly did not wake up like that

The hair industry has exploded in the last two decades with a plethora of products designed to give you the look you crave. However, few maintain or leave your hair healthy in the process, hence the natural healthy hair movement. Honestly, you wouldn't have found us otherwise. 

At Kifahari we are focused on protective hairstyles and primarily on providing extensions for African hair braiding, a protective hairstyle for natural hair that we use ourselves. In fact, we started Kifahari Enterprises LLC because we recognized firsthand a tremendous need for high quality hair extensions for braiding. Lets face it, there are many hair extensions out there, including ones for braiding, and figuring out which ones are good enough for your hair and your style is very much a trial and error affair, bordering on faith and filled with a lot of frustration. 

Rather than tell you to trust us, here's what you need to know. It's called African hair braiding for a reason: the technique originated from and is heavily practiced in Africa. So isn't it obvious that the best products for this are in or from Africa? Well, we don't just think so, we experienced it, testing one product after another until we found ourselves using the same African hair products that we had become accustomed to. And when we started Kifahari, we sourced hair from the best hair company in East Africa; the very company that manufactured the extensions we used in our own hair. 

So what's great about the hair? First some qualities common to all of our hair extensions: we only offer synthetic hair extensions for braiding. They are light-weight, soft, tangle-free, durable with a lasting luster and easy to braid. The softness is a key quality braiders love because it means the hair doesn't leave their fingers chaffed and painful. The hair also comes feathered and ready to use, so no preparative steps needed. The ends of the hair extensions are also specifically made not to unravel once braided.  There are also some unique product-specific qualities, for example, our collection of kinky extensions for crotchets and twists have a particular texture and look that is very distinctive and very different from the look and feel of our Yaki Minky extensions, which although fairly general purpose are great for thin to medium sized box braids.

All in all, we firmly believe our products are great and we started our company focused on sharing them with the rest of the world. More than that, we are invested in starting and growing our Kifahari because we feel strongly about the protective potential of hair braiding partly in the face of so many detrimental hair products currently available and partly because it's an amazing means of creative self-expression that has survived through many generations and has cultural significance.

In our perfect world, every woman has the freedom to use whichever products she chooses to enhance her natural beauty and express herself, all the while nurturing, appreciating and drawing confidence from her natural beauty, not sacrificing it for temporary fixtures. It is awesome to have our braids installed by women from all over the world, but even more satisfying and worthwhile to have people remove them to find their own hair healthy and growing underneath. At Kifahari, we consider this our small contribution to the natural hair movement.

We are also very excited about Kifahari because through this endeavor we showcase and support the resourceful and creative spirit of our fellow Africans. For once we are not focused on charitable donations to help our people but on sustainable economic development through their own ingenuity and hard work. We simply couldn't be more proud.

That said, we are here to stay. And that means we're genuinely keen on providing the best customer experience and being as helpful as possible. We thank you so much for visiting us online. We hope you stay and look around, and let us know how we are doing and how can improve. Importantly, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter in order to stay in touch and informed of our progress. 

Happy Braiding!