Our Story

We, Susan and Jaafar, started Kifahari Enterprises quite serendipitously. We're originally from Kenya, in East Africa, but study in the U.S.A. While in the U.S. Susan wanted to braid her hair, but couldn't find good quality synthetic braids in the U.S. so she would ask her mom in Kenya to send her favorite brand from Kenya. Surprisingly, her hair dressers and other customers were always commenting the quality of her braids and even asked her to order some for them as well. After years of this, we decided to start Kifahari Enterprises LLC, sourcing hair extensions exclusively for braiding from Kenya and offering it to everyone in the U.S. 

Kifahari is a swahili word that means elegant and we chose Kifahari because we wanted a name that conveyed a sense of beauty, class and elegance to the products we were offering and retained our roots in Kenya . (Swahili is the national language in Kenya and other countries in East Africa.)

Our products are manufactured in Kenya by Style Industries Ltd, under the brand name Darling Kenya®. They are made from the revolutionary Japanese Kanekalon synthetic fiber that comes extremely close to human hair. Our products are of amazing quality and are ranked the best in East Africa. Susan loves them, many close to us and who we have met and worked with enjoy them, and now we offer them to you too, confident that you will enjoy and come to love them just as well. Happy braiding!


Susan & Jaafar


Kifahari Enterprises LLC